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Killing Your Darlings

2009-07-04 07:10:17 by Paracat

Its done, for whoever is interested.

Download Here

Killing Your Darlings

Paracat - Growth

2008-12-17 07:49:46 by Paracat


Paracat presents "Growth"

Download from mediafire here!

Or here on!

Sit down, relax,drink a fine whine, pet you pet, let stuff happen.

Paracat - Growth

My first official demo. Spread it around or something.


And enjoy or something.

Silhouette Birds

2008-09-02 09:08:23 by Paracat

So its been a while since I released any new material, but I am working on a new album which is faaar form finished.

Meanwhile I would like to promote my previous album Silhouette Birds Vol. 1

It can be downloaded for free here:

I hope you will enjoy.

Silhouette Birds