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10th November (Preview) 10th November (Preview)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty cool

Some good breaks and composition you got here...

The breaks start to sound empty after the first one. Maybe a good idea to have a short sample play after the first break.

The piano, strings and bass sounded really dry, I recommend using some reverb over the piano and strings, and replace the bass with something more natural sounding, maybe drop a bass expander over it.

Also, google "Side-Chaining". Trust me, it will improve the quality of your music ALLOT!

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C-Enterprise responds:

I already know how side chaining is and how much it improves a beat, but because of the time it takes to link every single track to logic I think I'll do it on the finished version, in fact this version of the beat is "reason only".
In fact I do side chaining only when I use te beat to record some voices on it, but ok no problem for the next beats i'll rewire every track to logic.
Thanks for the tips anyways, I can tell you really want me to take out the most from my beats, thanks ;)